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National Awards

Win it for yourself, win it for your school, win it for your country!

Each year, Kid Witness News holds an annual National Contest Awards Ceremony to honor the students’ creative masterpieces.  Finalists’ schools will compete against each other, vying for the Grand Prix Prize as well as other awards.  The Grand Prix Winner will represent Malaysia at the Regional contest and their video will be submitted to enter the Global Contest.  If the video is selected, the winning team will be invited to receive the prestigious ‘best of the best’ award at the Global Contest Awards Ceremony to be held overseas.

Judging Criteria
Impress the judges with your creative production! The video clips are judged by a panel of industry professionals based on the following criteria (10 marks each):

Storytelling Effectiveness
Contents & flow of story
Captivating & easy to understand
Total: 30 marks

Picture quality & object focus
Lighting & colour coordination
Total: 20 marks

Voices, clarity & narration skill (regardless of language)
Noise, music & sound effects (less noise = high marks)
Total: 20 marks

Continuity & pace (speed)
Visual effects & wordings/ subtitles
Total: 20 marks

Overall Performance of Video
Theme- clear & correct, anchor presentation etc.
Total: 10 marks

The winner takes it all!

Top Awards:
Grand Prix Prize:
Win Panasonic products for students and teachers, Trophy and Certificate for the school

Special Awards:
• Script • Editing • Sound • Anchor • Videography • Drama • Documentary • Research • Original Story / Motivational Story /  Inspirational Story / Special Effect  / Jury’s Special Mention
Win Panasonic products for students and teachers, Trophy and Certificate for the school

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Many have participated and won!  Get a close-up of the award winning videos. Let their enthusiasm and works of art inspire you.  Can you be just as good, or even better?  Find out for yourself!

Winning Videos
Video Title
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Sek Men Keb Seksyen 9 Shah Alam Selangor

Grand Prix

Paper Chase


Sek Keb Putrajaya Presinct 11 (1) Putrajaya

Best Videography



Sek Keb (P) Methodist Kuantan Pahang

Best Script

Cinderella’s Second Chance


Sek Men Keb Agama Al Irshad Kepala Batas Penang

Best Editing



Sek Men Keb Sultan Abu Bakar Kuantan Pahang

Best Documentary

The Night Crawlers


Sek Keb Nong Chik Johor Bahru, Johor

Best Drama

Love: The Greatest Language of All


Sek Men Keb Bukit Mewah Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Best Research

The Native Trail


Sek Men Keb Kuhara Tawau, Sabah

Best Original Story

Lepa, Still Fresh Throughout History


Sek Men (J) Keb Chung Ling Butterworth High School Penang

Best Motivational Story

The Robotic Leg


Sek Keb Pekan Dua, Labuan

Best Inspirational Story

Insaf (Realization)


Sek Men Keb Mergong Alor Setar, Kedah

Best Special Effect

My Computer Speaks


Sek Keb Sena Kangar Perlis

Jury's Special Mention

Speaking Without Language


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