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Follow these simple steps to make your storyboard effective.

Step 1:
Write a synopsis of the plot.

Step 2:
Break up the plot into moments and scenes, then shots.

Step 3:
Draft the scenes in thumbnail boxes. Use ‘stick’ figures with short descriptions.

Step 4:
Analyse your storyboard. Look for missing scenes, soundtrack and/or various other camera angles which will enhance the detail of your storyboard.

Step 5:
Use drawings, clip art or photos to add more detail to each scene.

Step 6:
Take a step back and ensure the continuity of the storyboard.

This is a sample of a finished storyboard: please CLICK HERE for more details...

Theme & Title:
  Team members:
SHOT A guy happily coming out
from the gas station
carrying food in his arms.
Cut to a girl waving her hands
at the camera while smiling.
Camera pans right showing
two guys dancing.
Shot of a gas station attendant
being attacked by reload cards.
SFX A happy tune playing
in the background.
A modern jazzy music plays. Hip hop music plays. A short gasp by the attendant and a faint exciting music plays in the background.
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